Wrap up for Winter Scarves and Wraps now 40%-70% off!

Two Collections

I.  Just in from Nepal The accessories in this collection are all beautiful, snuggly soft and handmade following traditional craft processes of Nepal's female fabric makers. Thanks to the efforts of the socially responsible importer, Pomegranate Moon of Milwaukee, these woman artisans are paid good wages to provide for themselves and their families. All products here are made from Merino wool, chiffon, recycled Sari silk or cotton. Most of the garments are created using the nuno felting process. The multi-colored rings and basketweave scarves are made using wet felting, and the kimono are all silk.  Enjoy! Now 40-70% off!

II. On Sale from Inner Mongolia  Our selection of gorgeous dress toppers made of fine cotton and cashmere from Inner Mongolia is now 40% off!